My grandmother inspired me to create my artwork. I would always remember my Grandmother would say, “rice is gold”. Taken on its surface this could mean that this simple food provides sustenance for millions of people and is a staple in dishes from many cultures. Looking at it metaphorically I realized it could mean to use my resources wisely, in life and in art. I first started interpreting my grandmother’s statement by working with mussel shells I had collected over the summer. I had originally thought about referencing the environment and our exploitation of its’ resources through these shells. After research and more consideration, I found that shells are used as shelter and tools for animals such as sea otters. Transforming shells into shelter made me think of a project I had done transforming the texture of an object with a contrasting material. In that project, I transformed a brick, an object used in construction for building shelters, by covering it with short pieces of yarn, a


  32x12 Paper and threads 29x22 mussel shells, plastic bottles, rice, gold paper, resin, and black acrylic on paper 56x41 Stamps from the blocks 36x36  ink, paper on canvas 56x41 41x 50  26x 50 56x41 Ink on paper 40x30 Ink, plastic bags, gold paper, scape paper from the previous project on canvas Mussel shell on brick Plastic, resin, and mussel shells on brick Plastic, glue, resin on brick Working gloves


Recording Audio & Floor Blueprint  Baby sister Anh 3 years old) singing First Floor Recording Audio Second Floor Recording Audio Third Floor Recording Audio Sound only